Journal of International Business and Economy

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Integrating Strategy and Culture: The Culture of Dedication in Samsung Electronics and Apple Inc.
Pulum Kim
Volume 20, Number 1, Spring 2019 (pp. 88 ~ 115)

This study addresses the benefits and shortcomings of the organizational culture models employing organizational effectiveness and competitive advantage theories. Following the critical analysis of preceding literature, this study discusses the benefits of an integrative approach as demonstrated by the ABCD model for conceptualizing organizational culture for practitioners to proactively manage culture for enhanced firm performance. Also, by focusing on the sequential dynamics  of ABCD model which denotes dedication as the originating point, this paper  explores  how the findings from organizational behavior can be integrated with the ABCD model to create a competitive corporate culture. For this purpose, Samsung Electronics and Apple Inc.s leadership and human resource policies are and initial conditions that facilitate the creation of competitive culture are introduced through a qualitative case study approach.

Keywords:  Competitive  Strategy, ABCD Model, Organizational Culture, Effectiveness, Samsung Electronics, Apple Inc.

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