Volume 19, Number 2, Fall 2018

Cover and Contents 

Analysis of the Effects of Security Breaches on Firm Value
Stoyu Ivanov (pp. 1 ~ 25)

Creating Competitive Advantage by Going Abroad: A Case Study of Tata Steel
Tae Gyeom Kim (pp. 26 ~ 47)

National Output and Market Return Integration of G-7 Countries: A Perspective from Principal Component Analysis
Galin Todorov (pp. 48 ~ 73)

The Contagion Effects of European Union Macroeconomic Instability in Emerging Markets: Evidence from India
Vighneswara Swamy (pp. 74 ~ 104)

Entrepreneurship in Transition Economies: Is There an Entrepreneurial Characteristic Similarity to Western Entrepreneur?
Thomas Bradley and Paul Eberle (pp. 105 ~ 157)