Volume 16, Number 1, Spring 2015

Cover and Contents

High Regulation and Low Certainty: Marketing Strategy Challenges for the Pharmaceutical Industry in China
Sharon V. Thach (pp. 1 ~ 12)

Differences in Behavioral Biases in Investment Decision Making: Gender and Occupation Perspective
Shailesh Rastogi (pp. 13 ~ 35)

Assessment of Citrus Key Lime Production Supply, Exports and Domestic Demand in Mexico before and through the Threat of Citrus Greening (HLB)
Maria Elena Vera Villagran, L. Myriam Sagarnaga Villegas, Jose M. Salas Gonzalez, and Juan A. Leos Rodriguez (pp. 36 ~ 56)

Cognitive Bias and Capital Structure in Emerging Markets: Evidence from Chinese Listed Companies
Kejing Chen, Yanxi Li, Kung'unde Goodluck Marco, and Wenzhang Sun (pp. 57 ~ 81)

Motivations of Chinese Outward Foreign Direct Investment: An Organizing Framework and Empirical Investigation
Wenyan Yin (pp. 82 ~ 106)