Volume 16, Number 2, Fall 2015

Cover and Contents

Causal Links between Supply Chain Capability and FDI: A Panel Granger Causal Analysis
Arshad Alam, Vijay K. Vemuri, and Prabir K. Bagchi (pp. 1 ~ 19)

Impact of Exchange Rate Volatility on the Export Performance of Developing Country: Evidence from Bilateral Trade between Bangladesh and the US
Jahid Hasan, Dewan Muktadir-Al-Mukit, and Farjana Islam (pp. 21 ~ 39)

Board Structure, Board Activity and Firm Performance: The Case of Korea
Jootae Kim and Jai S. Kang (pp. 41 ~ 63)

Competitiveness of Industrial Clusters: A Comparative Study of Pithampur and Indore Clusters, India
Pragya Bhawsar and Utpal Chattopadhyay (pp. 65 ~ 96)

Motivations for Social Partnership and Cluster by MNCs: Conceptual Model Using the Diamond Approach
Yeon W. Lee (pp. 97 ~ 118)