Volume 15, Number 1, Spring 2014

Cover and Contents

Guest Editors' Introduction
Carlos O. Trejo-Pech and John F. Manley  (pp. i ~ iii) 

The Interaction between Consumer Preference and Product Ethics: Implications on Coffee Trade in China
Ping Qing, Wuyang Hu, and Yun Liu (pp. 1 ~ 22)  

How Chinese "Snake" Swallows Western "Elephant": A Case Study of Lenovo’s Acquisition of IBM PC Division
Shijia Zhou and Xueli Huang (pp. 23 ~ 50)  

Advertising and Concentration in The Brewing Industry
Erik Strøjer Madsen and Yanqing Wu (pp. 51 ~ 66)  

The Impacts of Information Sharing and Lower-tier Supplier Selection Process on Three Key Elements of Lower-tier Supplier Visibility Objectives
Festus Olorunniwo, Joel Jolayemi, Chunxing Fan, and Xiaoming Li (pp. 67 ~ 81)  

The Transformation of the Textile and Apparel Sector in Mexico after NAFTA
Raúl Vázquez López (pp. 83 ~ 112)