Volume 14, Number 1, Spring 2013

Cover and Contents

Foreign Direct Investment and Economic Development: An Exploratory Study of The Internalisation Strategy of a Technology-intensive Multinational
Stephanie Cadeddu, Jerome Donovan, and Eryadi K Masli (pp. 1~30)  

Highly Attractive Models in Advertising: What Causes Negative Affect?
Nguyen Hoang Sinh  (pp. 31~48)  

Trade Facilitation and Performance of Manufacturing Exports from Cameroon
Arnaud F Djemmo  (pp. 49~70) 

Uncertainty, Absorptive Capacity, and Real Option Value of International Investment: An Examination of Prior Experience
Sangcheol Song  (pp. 71~86)  

Banking System Resilience and Financial Stability - An Evidence from Indian Banking
Vighneswara Swamy (pp. 87~117)