Volume 11, Number 1, Spring 2010

Cover and Contents

The Relationship between Corporate Profile, Strategy, and Performance in International Markets
Flavia Luciane Scherer, Clandia Maffini Gomes, and Isak Kruglianskas (pp. 1~24) 

Institutional Theory and the Internationalization of Higher Education in South America: The Brazilian Case
Leonardo Flach and Lisandra Flach (pp. 25~50)  

The Effects of Exchange Rate Volatility on Sri Lankan Exports: An Empirical Investigation
E. M. Ekanayake and Dasha Chatrna (pp. 51~68)   

Exploiting the Information of Stock Market to Forecast Exchange Rate Movements
Manish Kumar (pp. 69~87)  

Korean Education and Foreign Direct Investment: Focusing on Entry Modes
Lorna Baek and Jimmyn Parc (pp. 89~111)