Volume 11, Number 2, Fall 2010

Cover and Contents

Hunt for Twin Deficits: Current Account and Fiscal Balance in Transition Economies
Aleksandr V Gevorkyan (pp. 1~28)

Assessing the Performance of Telecommunication Industry in India: A Data Envelopment Analysis
Seema Sharma, Kirankumar Momaya, and K Manohar (pp. 29~47)

Board Composition as a Linkage with Environmental Change during Financial Crisis: A Case of Korean Bank Industry
Jiyeon Kim, Dong Kee Rhee, Namgyoo K Park, and Hyojung Kim (pp. 49~67)

The Diamond Approach to the Competitiveness of Korea's Defense Industry
Hee-Jung Moon (pp. 69~111)

Integration through Intermediate Goods: A Comparison of G-7 Openness to Developing Country Exports
John Berdell and Animesh Ghoshal (pp. 113 ~134)