Volume 10, Number 1, Spring 2009

Cover and Contents

To What Extent Can the Informal Economy Concept Adequately Explain the Dynamism of the Non-Formal Sector in Developing Countries?
Nazia Habib-Mintz (pp. 1~19)

Cognitive Representation of Employees Career Possibilities in a Belgian Public Company
Anne Goujon Belghit (pp. 21~52)

Customs Unions among Producing Countries with Different Costs
Jose Mendez-Naya and J. Tomas Gomez-Arias (pp. 53~63)

Examining the Long Run Effects of Export, Import and FDI Inflows on the FDI Outflows from India: A Causality Analysis
Nandita Dasgupta (pp. 65-88)

The Impact of Regulatory Standards, Interest Rates and Trading Volume on Volatility Transmission between Cross-Listed European Equities
Koulakiotis, Dasilas, Tolikas, and Molyneux (pp. 89-105)