Volume 9, Number 1, Spring 2008

Cover and Contents

Earnings Quality Ratings and Corporate Governance
Jeffry Haber and Andrew Braunstein (pp. 1~12)

The Concept-Creative Business Model as Success Factor
Gunter Faltin and Liv Kirsten Jacobsen (pp. 13~35)

Evaluating Country Competitiveness in Emerging Industries
K. Momaya (pp. 37~58)

The Role of Culture-Level Factors in Shaping On-Line Purchase Intentions
Vladimir Pashkevich, David Curry, James Kellaris, and Norman Bruvold (pp. 59~90)

Concepts of National Competitiveness
Thomas Berger (pp. 91~112)

Globalization and Cultural Imperialism
John P. Meyer (pp. 113~136)