Volume 9, Number 2, Fall 2008

Cover and Contents

Correlation of Uncorrelated Asset Classes
Jeffry Haber and Andrew Braunstein (pp. 1~12)

Is There a Decline in Teaching Ethics in US Business Schools?
James P. Beaghan (pp. 13~21)

Export Subsidies and Customs Unions
Jose Mendez-Naya and J. Tomas Gomez-Arias (pp. 23~31)

Fiscal Policy and Alternative Sources of Public Capital in Transition
Economies: Diaspora Bond
Aleksandr V. Gevorkyan (pp. 33~61)

Sources and Use of Market Information: An Analysis of Successful Small and
Medium Sized Exporters
Mark Burridge and Robert Bradshaw (pp. 63~79)

The Effect of the Dynamic Relationship between a CEO's Attitude,
the Learning Process, and Domestic Market Size on International Growth

Jin Sup Jung (pp. 81~102)