Volume 8, Number 1, Spring Special Issue 2007

Introduction and Overview of the International Conference MIBES 2006
George N. Blanas (pp. 1~6)

The Evolution and the Prospects of Contemporary Financial Instruments in Greece: The Case of SWAPS
Olympia Agorasti, George N. Blanas and Pavlos Golemis (pp. 7~22)

A Fuzzy Growth Options Approach under Competition Threat
Georgios N. Angelou and Anastasio A. Economides (pp. 23~42)

Economic Spread and Market Value: The Case of Listed Companies in Greece
Panayiotis G. Artikis(pp. 43~58)

Global Business Research and Strategic Planning Tools
Basil J. Janavaras and Emanuel Gomes (pp. 59~70)

Real Option Methodology for the Evaluation of IT Projects
Efthymios A. Papadopoulos and Georgios Dounias (pp. 71~88)

The Application of Fundamental Analysis and Technical Analysis in the Athens Derivatives Exchange (ADEX)
Nikolaos Pavlou, George N. Blanas and Pavlos Golemis (pp. 89~104)

Productivity and Spatial Diffusion of Technology in Greece: An Empirical Analysis
Serafeim Polyzos, Dionyssis Minetos and Labros Sdrolias (pp. 105~124)

Determinants of the Growth Slowdown in Greece during the Previous Growth Cycle
George Sfakianakis (pp. 125~142)

Growing and Developing Old Economy Firms
Anne Smith and Bryan K. Temple (pp. 143~160)

Corporate Social Responsibility and Shareholder Effects: The Greek Paradigm
Theodore Syriopoulos (pp. 161~174)