Volume 8, Number 2, Fall 2007

Cover and Contents

Budget Deficits, Oil Prices and Interest Rates
Sanjay Paul and Hossein Varamini (pp. 1~10)

Co-Movements of Pacific-Basin Stock Markets: Portfolio Diversification Implications
Ilhan Meric, Joe H. Kim, Lewis W. Coopersmith, and Gulser Meric (pp. 11~34)

On the Internet, Nobody Knows You're a Girl: The Female Performance Advantage in Anonymous Virtual Teams
Emmeline de Pillis and Kimberly Furumo (pp. 35~47)

Domestic Industrial Environmental Cost and Strategic Choice in Developing Countries
Dechun Huang, Zhibiao Liu, Andrew F. Thompson, and Jie Chen (pp. 49~67)

Corporate Governance Change and Management Performance: An Exploratory Study of A Korean Company - Mando Corporation
Bryan Min and Dong-Jae Kim (pp. 69~92)

Human Resources Management in a Belgian Public Company
Anne Goujon Belghit (pp. 93~120)