Volume 7, Number 1, Fall 2006

FDI, Globalisation and Development: Some Implications for Korean Firms and Korean Policy Makers
John H. Dunning  (pp. 1~20)

The Impact of Business-Government Relationship on Location Choice by Korean Firms in China: A Comparative Case Study
Sung Yue Wang and Chung-Sok Suh (pp. 21~40)

A Study of Resource Competitiveness in High Technology Firms
Yanni Yan, Daniel Ding, and Choo Shin Tseng (pp. 41~66)

Cultural Change in the United States, Canada and Mexico
Steve Jenner, Brent MacNab, Richard Brislin and Reg Worthley (pp. 67~86)

An Empirical Assessment of CAPM, Market Model and APT: Evidence from the Greek Stock Market
Petros Messis, George Emmanuel Iatridis and George Blanas (pp. 87~118)

Inequality in Globalization: An Extension of the Gini Index from the Perspective of National Competitiveness
Min-young Kim (pp. 119~140)