Volume 5, Number 1, Fall 2004

Making Investment Choices: Japanese MNEs Investing in Australia and the Region
Elizabeth Maitland, Stephen Nicholas, Economics Research Centre, and William Purcell (pp. 1~20)

Foreign Capital Flows to Emerging Markets: a Test of Policy Arbitrage
Anand Shetty and John Manley (pp. 21~32)

MNCs' Propensities to Reevaluate and Change Foreign Modes of Operations during a Financial Crisis
Talin S. Eshaghoff and Tao Gao (pp. 33~52)

Performance Evaluation Criteria for International Joint Venture
Kirti Jain and Sudhir K. Jain (pp. 53~76)

The Stochastic Character of Japanese Exchange Rates
Nikiforos T. Laopodis (pp. 77~90)

An Exploratory Examination of Casual Models for Telecommunication Technologies, Organizational Structural Attributes and Organizational  Performance in the U.S. Manufacturing Sector
Choong C. Lee (pp. 91~116)

A Formal Modeling of the Imbalance Theory to Explain Two Directions of Foreign Direct Investment
Hwy-Chang Moon (pp. 117~132)

U.S. Business and Global Treaties: Lobbying as It Effects Multilateral Agreement
Gerald F. Cavanagh (pp. 133~154)