Volume 3, Number 1, Fall 2002

The Geography of Foreign Direct Investment: A Tripartite Framework
Douglas van den Berghe and Rob van Tulder (pp. 1~24)

Resource Flows within Multinational Corporations: Implications for Subsidiary Strategy
Jiatao Li and Trond Randøy (pp. 25~46)

Foreign Direct Investment by Korean Firms: Profile, Theory, and Implementation
Sang Hoon Nam and Tim Craig (pp. 47~68)

Government Privatization Strategies in Emerging Economies: Whether to Go or All of the Way
Jonathan P. Doh and Hildy J. Teegen (pp. 69~86)

Property Rights in Common, from Communes to Town and Village Enterprises in Rural China
Malcolm Cone, Zhilong Tian and André M. Everett (pp. 87~104)

Level of Control, Staffing Policy, and Training Needs for Overseas Units of Multinational Corporations: An Integrative Approach
Hoon Park, Youngsun Paik and Cristina Suarez Duffy (pp. 105~122)

Economic Reform in the Peoples Republic of China: Resuscitation or Transformation
Richard Fey and Alan Zimmerman (pp. 123~141)