Volume 2, Number 1, Fall 2001

My Contributions to Internalization Theory
Alan M. Rugman (pp. 1~14)

Japanese Firm Response to Changing Regulations: A Dynamic Strategic Group Analysis
Sabine B. Reddy, Devanathan Sudharshan and Thomas Roehl (pp. 15~38)

Asian Economic Crisis, Foreign Direct Investment and Stabilized Economic Growth: Crisis Revisited and Implications for APEC Member Ecomomies
Hwy-Chang Moon and Taeho Bark (pp. 39~56)

Occupational Knowledge Utilities in International Business and Economics
Opie L. Dawson and Jay S. Kang (pp. 57~74)

Resurgence of Ethnocentrism and its Implications for International Marketing: A Model and Propositions
Farid Sadrieh and Madan Annavarjula (pp. 75~94)

Internationalization Strategies of Medium-Sized German Companies: An Empirical Survey
Michael Behnam and Dirk Ulrich Gilbert (pp. 95~110)

Rethinking the Asian Financial Crisis Through the Capital Account Crisis Paradigm
Yeomin Yoon and Robert W. McGee (pp. 111~122)

Creating Culture of Innovative Entrepreneurship
Günter Faltin (pp. 123~140)

Strategic Interest Analysis for the Organization of the Future
A.S. (Jim) Sethi (pp. 141~155)